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Run From There

"For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible ...EVEN THE ELECT. See, I have told you beforehand.'" Matthew 24:24 Great signs and wonders... So convincing that even the elect need to heed this warning. Believers have a tendency to associate signs, wonders and miracles with the power of God. And surely, believers will see the power of God as they walk with the Lord. But not all signs and wonders are from God. There are two sources of supernatural power, God and also Satan. Satan is the great counterfeiter, and it's crucial to know this because as we move into the time of the end we're going to be seeing a lot of false signs and false wonders and false prophecies and false teachers. Jesus said that their "signs" will be so spectacular that it will nearly deceive even believers. When Jesus was asked what the signs of his coming will be, the FIRST thing he said was, "Take heed that no one DECEIVES you!" He was solemnly warning that in the days preceding his coming believers need to take heed, to pay strict attention, to discern any supernatural power at work, whether it be of God or of the enemy. We MUST be on guard, because it's going to be in our face and will deceive MANY, hence Jesus's warning. Some of the great "revivals" that have taken place in these last days featured false signs and wonders. The late David Wilkerson, one of the great men of God, spoke to this very thing, I've posted the short video below. When you see false signs, RUN! If you see people barking like dogs, or splitting their sides in laughter, try to picture the Lord Jesus doing these things. Try to picture the apostle Paul doing these things.This is deception. RUN! There ARE true signs, wonders, and prophecies, but they don't come as entertainment and they don't make people make fools of themselves. God is a holy God. "But," you may say, "some people were healed in those meetings." When you see people being given over to craziness, RUN! Leave the subject of healings in the Lord's hands. You don't need to judge that. What you need is to be able to discern what's going on in that place and if the people are being given over to frenzy, RUN! Better to miss a "healing" than to take part in something false. If God means to heal you, he will. He doesn't have to do it there. If the "healer" has a manicured hairdo, arrives in a jet, and puts on a greatly entertaining show, RUN! You don't WANT the "healing" he has to offer. It's going to be very, very difficult to discern what's false as the power of the enemy is ramped up to great heights. You must know the Word of God thoroughly to be able to spot what's false. If you're not grounded in the Word, see to this matter immediately because it's crucial; if you don't know the Word of God - without question you will be deceived. Always, always, when you see something questionable, try to picture Jesus or the apostle Paul doing those things, and if just the thought of it makes you shudder, you'll know you need to get out of this place. Jesus did true healings, but he didn't go into a frenzy of laughter, he didn't roll on the ground and bark like a dog. Likewise the apostles. When a meeting becomes a circus, RUN!


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