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Religions Miss The Elephant In The Room

"...there is one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we for him, and one Lord Jesus Christ, through whom are all things, and through whom we live." 1 Corinthians 8:6 The politically correct thing to say today is that all roads lead to God. Even the pope is chanting this mantra, telling even atheists that they can be saved as long as they are good people. This is heresy. There is only one God. Allah is not God. Buddha is not God. The Hindu gods are not gods. Their writings are not from God. They did not come to die for us, and they teach works and "goodness" for salvation. One thing the Word of God makes very clear is that no one is saved by "being good," because no one can be good ENOUGH. The thing these false religions miss is the sin principle, and sin is the elephant in the room. Sin MUST be dealt with. No one can enter heaven with the guilt of sin upon him. It doesn't matter how good the person is or what good works he has done, that will not address the sin that is there, and that sin MUST be dealt with. When a man is before a judge for murder, the judge does not care about any good the man may have done, the issue is the murder and nothing is going to change the focus from the murder. When a man stands before the Judge of the universe, his sin will be the issue because it is that elephant in the room. You can't go forward until the sin issue is dealt with, and for most, it will prevent them from entering heaven. That's why Jesus said that the way is "narrow," and that few find it (Matthew 7:14). People want to focus on their goodness, but few are willing to look at their sin. And ...there is only ONE way to deal with sin. God, in his love for mankind, took pity on the fallen human race. He knew that every human being is born a sinner, and that means that every human being is condemned, or as the Scripture says, is "condemned already" upon coming into the world (John 3:18). But God so loved the world, that he sent his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, into the world to take upon himself the judgment due on the sins of anyone who would receive his work of atonement on their behalf. Jesus hung bloodied and dying on that Cross, taking my judgment upon himself so that the sin issue might be settled. My sin, your sin, has been judged. In him. The price, the penalty, has been paid, by him. When one receives Christ's atonement for himself and surrenders his life to Christ, Jesus creates a new life inside that person in what Jesus called being "born again." The person born in spiritual death is reborn with spiritual life. The person is brought out of the dominion of Satan and becomes the son or daughter of God, with all the privileges inherent in that, and there are many. Jesus Christ is the only one who has given his life for us, the founders and gods of other religions did not, could not, die in atonement for our sins. One of the greatest plots of Satan is to replace the born-again experience with religion. Religion cannot save a person, Jesus said one "MUST be born again (John 3:6-7)." The principles of religion are rooted in the lies of Satan and they lead the multitudes to hell because they are unable to deal with the sin issue - so they deny it and persuade people to just focus on being as good as they can. And people march right into hell, their sins having never been dealt with. One person said she can't imagine good people going to hell, that God wouldn't do that. Good people have to recognize their fallen state. When one truly recognizes his fallen state he will recognize his need for a Savior. Because mankind is born fallen, it necessitates being born again, otherwise, there is no remedy for his sin. Imagine the world in the days of Noah. He spent many years telling the people, warning the people. Certainly there were good people who heard him. But ...they all perished. The entire generation perished with the exception of Noah and his family. All the "good" people among them perished. If you can possibly imagine the greatness of what Jesus Christ has done for you, it should be your deep and ultimate joy to surrender your life to him. He created you. He knows you intimately. He fashioned your DNA. And he loves you so much that he was willing to sacrifice himself that you could be saved. That's only the beginning of the story, but you cannot go further until you have stopped at this place and settled this with him. Give him your life, your self, he is all about love. He has a plan for your life, allow him to work it out in you. It is designed to bring you all the joy and fulfillment a human being can experience, because it is designed specifically and uniquely for you. Become his today! You will rejoice for all eternity. "Because the sinless Savior died, my sinful soul is counted free; for God the just is satisfied TO LOOK ON HIM AND PARDON ME."


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