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You Are Fearfully And Wonderfully Made

"Delight yourself also in the Lord, and he shall give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4 Having walked many years with the Lord, I can testify to the absolute truth of this verse. Many times I have just sat in awe at how the Lord has fulfilled this promise perfectly in my life, fitting the elements of my life in perfect harmony, uniquely and personally fitted to the way he has made me. Believe me, ONLY God could do that. And that's the key: "to the way he has made me." Every individual who comes into the world has been uniquely created. Once one understands DNA, it opens up a whole realm of understanding about the magnificence of God's creation. He has put within each one every personality trait, every talent, every ability, every like and dislike, every limitation, all that makes up the uniqueness of the individual. The things that interest you come from the very uniqueness of your being, and it's all designed for the plan and role your creator has pre-established for you. IF you walk with the Lord, surrendered to his will, he who alone knows your makeup will fit his plan exactly to the way he created you. No one else can fulfill your role, and you cannot fulfill the role of anyone else in the universe. Truly we are uniquely and specially made, each one is a marvelous work of God. "For YOU formed my inward parts; you covered me in my mother’s womb. I will praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are your works..." Psalm 139:13-14 If you truly understand this, then you'll understand that the most important thing in life is to find out what God's plan for you is. You are the only one who can fulfill it, so what could be more important in life than true surrender to the will of God who created you? He alone can work together all the intricacies of your makeup and bring about the details of your calling which will result in fruit that will last for all eternity. You can't do it on your own for two reasons. 1. You don't know your own self as he knows you. He can bring out things in you that you didn't know were there. And 2. There is an enemy hell-bent on preventing you from realizing your purpose. This enemy knows more about you than you have any idea, he knows where to tempt you, how to seduce you, he whispers lies into your mind, lies about yourself and lies about God. It's difficult to recognize where thoughts come from, but you can be sure that your thoughts do not all come from you. Therefore it is utterly crucial to surrender to the God who created you. In your surrender, the Lord takes over and he will lead and guide you to his goals for you, leading to your becoming the very best version of YOU. Psalm 37 vs 5: "Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in him, and he shall bring it to pass. Pray with me: Father God, I confess as sin the pride with which I have determined to make my own way according to my own will. I realize how foolish that is, because I don't know what you alone can bring out of my life, and I also am not aware when Satan interferes, planting thoughts that convince me of untruths about myself, and about you. This is too big for me, Lord. So I come to you to surrender myself and my life to you, because you alone see all and you alone know all about me, and my security is in the fact that you will never allow Satan to derail your plan for my life as long as my life is surrendered to you. Please help me to surrender to you, and to always remember that I've made this commitment (write down the date) and can now live in the faith and trust that no matter what, you are in total control of all that affects me. I know the day will come when I will rejoice with all my heart in how you put everything together and created in me a life that will end up with fruit that will last for all eternity. Father, with all my heart I thank you for the life you have given me and the assurance of success as long as I remain in you.


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