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The Contest Between God And 'Alah'

“I have heard the reproach of Moab, and the insults of the people of Ammon, with which they have reproached my people, and made arrogant threats AGAINST THEIR BORDERS." Zephaniah 2:8 Moab and Ammon are among the Jordanian "Palestinians" of today. The capital of today's Jordan is Amman, hence "Ammon." Most people are aware of the continuous threats made by the Palestinians against Israel. They insist that Israel return to "the pre-1967 borders." In 1967 the hatred of the Muslim nations came to a head in the six-day war in which the God of Israel intervened. The result was that Israel regained a lot of her covenant land, and after 2,000 years Jerusalem was finally returned to them, in the EVERLASTING COVENANT God made with them. "And I will establish my covenant between me and you and your descendants after you in their generations, for an EVERLASTING COVENANT, to be God to you and your descendants after you. Also I give to you and your descendants after you the land in which you are a stranger, all the land of Canaan, as an EVERLASTING possession; and I will be their God.” Genesis 17:7-8 It is totally unreasonable to demand that Israel return to the pre-1967 borders for two reasons: 1. It is the God of Israel who restored to the Jewish people land that belongs to them by the ancient "everlasting covenant" he made with them. In future wars they will regain even more of their land, not by their strength but by the provision of almighty God. 2. The pre-1967 borders are indefensible. Parts of Israel would become less than 20 miles wide. The Golan Heights rise high over the Sea of Galilee, from which Syria could easily attack them. And Jerusalem - is non-negotiable. It's been the capital of Israel for 3,000 years and has never been the capital of any Arab nation or people - ever! But it's not that the enemy wants her land, there's more than enough land for the Arabs around Israel. No, they want the annihilation of Israel. They loudly and boastfully assert that they are going to drive her into the sea. When they go for it though, THEY will be destroyed. vs 9: "'Therefore, as I live,' says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, 'Surely Moab shall be like Sodom, and the people of Ammon like Gomorrah - overrun with weeds and saltpits, and a perpetual desolation. The remainder of my people shall plunder them, and the remnant of my people shall possess them.'” Great desolation is coming to the "Palestinians," not because lovers of Israel desire it, but because the Word of God declares it. The confederation of the Arab countries in the region intends to overwhelm Israel and finally be done with her. They have a terrible surprise coming. When they shout "Allahu ackbar," meaning "Allah is the greatest one," they have no idea that there is one greater - much greater - and that is the God of Israel. They will be finding that out in the near future. vs 10: "This they shall have for their pride, because they have reproached and made arrogant threats against the people of the Lord of hosts." It looks bleak right now as this story continues to develop, but Israel has a bright future as her God makes known to all just who he is. vs 11: "The Lord will be awesome to them, for he will reduce to nothing all the gods of the earth." "Allah" will be no more! He will be "reduced to nothing." The God of Israel will bring Allah's end. Then all the survivors, indeed all the world, will turn to the God of Israel. "People shall worship him, each one from his place, indeed all the shores of the nations." More: God's Covenant With Israel


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