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What Have You Been Prepared For?

"I will set nothing wicked before my eyes; I hate the work of those who fall away; it shall not cling to me." Psalm 101:3 Life is all about choices. The choices one makes will affect his/her future eternity. If a man truly understood this, he would spend his time in this life purifying himself and making choices that will increase his status in the life to come. Oh if only one could be given a glimpse of the day he stands before the Lord! On that day he will understand, on that day he will see the result of his choices. Hopefully he will hear: "Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your Lord." Matthew 25:21 Read that whole passage in Matthew 25, starting with verse 14. It's all about what each one has done with what he was given. This is not about salvation, that issue is settled for the believer. No, on that day will be the review of what each one has done with the talents, gifts, and abilities given to him. God has made us unique, each one - there is not another like you in all the universe. You are as unique as your fingerprints. He has fitted you with the talents, abilities, gifts, and even the personality appropriate for you to be able to play your part, your unique part, in the walk through this life. Your talents are needed. The expression of your gifts is needed. No one else on earth can do what you alone are fitted to do. You must never compare yourself with someone else because you are not called to do what anyone else is doing. Do not envy another his gifts or calling, that's a dead end street. Bring YOUR gifts and talents and present yourself before the Lord asking him to show you the role that you alone are to play in this lifetime. A short testimony: There was a man who had a similar calling to mine. One day I heard him speak to a Bible study class, and he told many stories of how the Lord used him to bring others to salvation. In the stories he told, it was obvious to me that his winsome personality drew people to him, he just had such a way with people. My approach was far different, so I thought to myself, "if only I could be like him, then I'd succeed." I went home that night excited and went into my room, closing the door behind me. I went before the Lord, thankful for the glimpse of HOW to approach people, and I was convinced that if only I could be like this man I would be far more able to win souls to Christ. I stood before the Lord with the intent of asking to be like this man, but I had no sooner gotten the first word out of my mouth, "Father," when the Lord interrupted me sternly and said to me, "Shall the clay say to the potter, 'why have you made me thus?!" I stood there absolutely dumbfounded, my mouth open, shocked, and I said to the Lord, "you mean you WANT me the way I am???" I could hardly believe it. I had thought I was asking for a good thing, but boy, the Lord was not pleased and he let me know it the very moment I began to speak. I will remember this for the rest of my life. I've thought of this many times through the years, and I've realized the uniqueness of each one's call. To ask to be something else or to be like someone else is to insult God by suggesting that he made a mistake when he made you. I felt the brunt of his anger that day, and from that day forward I have never again asked him to make me different from the way I am, no, I pray instead for grace to carry out as perfectly as possible the unique part I play. And he has since opened doors to me that I never would have dreamed possible. More, in fact, than those of that man I had envied. You can see the same results if you wholly dedicate yourself and your life to the Lord and seek from him grace to rise to the call and to carry it out with all your heart. No call is insignificant, and regardless what you think of yourself, your gifts and talents can be put to work to create treasure in heaven for all eternity, because they are God-given. It's all about choices. Just as you can spend your life acquiring treasure in heaven, so also you can spend your life avoiding your call. It depends on what you choose. One can come to the end of his life and say, "I did it my way" ...and then be shown the paltry results of that, or one can come to the end of his life and say, "I did it HIS way," and be shown the eternal glory in it. The Lord will never violate the gift of free will which he gives to each one. If you want to choose YOUR way, then you are free to walk that way. He won't violate your free choice. Just remember, the fruit of what you do will affect your eternity forever - not your salvation, but the quality of your eternity. Set your heart to purity. Set your heart to fulfill your purpose. "And everyone who has this hope in Him purifies himself, just as He is pure." 1 John 3:3 Why would anyone choose any different? WHY?


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