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The World Laughs But It's Very Real

"He went through every city and village,

preaching and bringing the glad tidings

of the kingdom of God.

And the twelve were with him,

and certain women who had been healed

of evil spirits and infirmities,

Mary called Magdalene,

out of whom had come seven demons..."

Luke 8:1-2

Satan has cleverly convinced the world that demons don't exist. If you speak of them in front of people, expect to be laughed at. But the Word of God tells us over and over again and over again some more - that they ARE real - and they're FAR more common than even a believer would think. I remember Derek Prince who ministered in this area, saying that if our eyes were opened and we could see into the spiritual world, we'd probably drop dead of fright.

Can a Christian be demonized? Absolutely. A Christian cannot be "possessed" by a demon. The correct translation of the word is "demonized," not “possessed” – huge difference.

There are afflictions in our body, and afflictions in our soul. Jesus casted out deaf spirits, dumb spirits, spirits of infirmities of every kind. Read your Bible, it's all in there. Read particularly in the Book of Mark which spends more time on this subject than the other Gospels.

Many, if not most, afflictions are called by names the world gives. Psychiatry has books written about this or that affliction, and all they can do is treat it with drugs and “therapy.” In many cases, the drugs aren't truly effective and can often do more harm than good. But HOW TRUE is the Scripture:

"If the Son therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed."

John 8:36

If you have an affliction of any kind that refuses to budge, be it in your body or in your mind, and if drugs don't really keep it in check, ASK the Lord if the problem might be demonic in nature, because it very well might be. If there's a part of your personality over which you have no control no matter how hard you try, ASK the Lord if it's demonic in nature. It probably is, especially if there has been any occult involvement in your life or in the life of any of your parents or grandparents. Judgment on involvement in the occult goes down to the 3rd and 4th generation, that's how serious this sin is in the eyes of the Lord. (Exodus 34:7)

Awhile back there was a woman in the church my sister attended who practiced "reiki." She came to "pray" over my elderly mother who had various afflictions. I told my sister that reiki was an abomination before God, and my sister told the woman not to come again. A few years later I happened to be thinking about this woman as I was writing on the occult, and I asked my sister if the woman was still in her church. She answered me, "Oh no. She's dead." She was not old. But she was dead. In another case, my daughter confronted her pastor about bringing in a magician to entertain the people in the congregation. He brushed her off and refused to listen. A few months later ...he was dead. Again, he wasn't old. Just dead.

Involvement in the occult is so serious that the one who touches it is "an abomination to the Lord." Not that the practice is an abomination to the Lord, but the PERSON who does it is an abomination to the Lord. (Deuteronomy 18:12) and EVERYONE who sins in this area will come under a curse and will come into bondage. Everyone without exception, even if the involvement was done in ignorance.

Seek the Lord for deliverance. Ask the Lord Jesus to set you free. Deliverance is something so dramatic that you'll hardly believe it when it happens to you. The part of you held by a demonic bondage will be freed and when it's gone you will truly marvel at the change in you. And you will never have to struggle in that area again. Truly, whom the Son sets free is FREE INDEED.

If you're a believer who does not believe that a believer can be afflicted in this way, I present to you the passage in the New Testament where the apostle Paul was afflicted by a "thorn in the flesh," a "messenger of Satan." He asked for deliverance from this “messenger of Satan,” but in his case the Lord told him he'd have to bear it. Paul had a tremendous ministry and he said that in his case it was necessary to keep him humble. (2nd Corinthians 12:7)

Before you can receive deliverance, every occult article, book, jewelry, any occult or “New Age” paraphernalia, must be rid of from your home and from your life. It is imperative to confess every sin in this area and to completely repent of all involved. This may take time as the Lord brings to your attention things you may have forgotten.

PRAY for guidance and ask the Lord to bring to light the hidden things of darkness. It will be a struggle, as Satan does not give up easily. Plead the power of the victory of Christ over yourself and your life. Once you're free your heart will be filled with awe and praise and thanksgiving.

Do it. It's SO worth it!


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