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Are You Aware That Satan Lies To You?

“Now it shall come to pass, if you diligently obey the voice of the Lord your God, to observe carefully all his commandments which I command you today, that the Lord your God will set you high above all nations of the earth. And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you, BECAUSE YOU OBEY THE VOICE OF THE LORD YOUR GOD…" Deuteronomy 28:1-2 There are two ways of making it through this life. The one which most people choose is to put your trust in yourself in all the facets of your life. If you are not born again, then you're on your own. Whenever a situation arises in your life, you can use all your "wisdom" to manage it ...but're on your own. One reason people don't want to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ their Creator is that they just cannot let go the control, they just cannot let someone else take the oversight of their lives. Their strong self-will compels them to be in charge of everything, every decision, every choice, every recourse, every solution. If an impossible situation arises, maybe a situation of life or death, some might in such an occasion cry out to the Lord, the Lord whom they've ignored all these years. But if the situation passes, they again take up the reins of their lives and maybe give a momentary tip of the hat to the Lord for his help, and then they go their merry way. The benefit of belonging to the Lord through being born-again, through being born into his Kingdom, is that the Lord takes over the responsibility of all that touches the believer. It puts an end to all the questions of what to do, where to go, how to proceed, because his life is now under the dominion and authority of the most high God. I remember the day I was born again. The person who led me to Christ asked me the question, "Are you happy with the way your life has been worked out under your control?" That was an easy question for me to answer, because my life was a shambles. But for someone else it may not be so easy if their life has been happy and successful. Why would such a person want to change who's running it? In many cases, the Lord has to bring a person to the end of themselves before he can have their full attention. If you have not been born again and everything is going wrong in your life, that's not a bad thing, it might very well be God preparing you to come to the end of yourself so that you will turn and surrender your life to him. Satan is the father of lies. He is active in every life, doing all he can to steer a person away from God. He constantly puts lies into a person's head - lies about God, lies about one's self, lies about everything because that's all he knows – lies. He is a liar and THE FATHER OF LIES (John 8:44). He continues this way because it works. His lies have kept many a person away from God. His lies have suggested that God is not fair, that God is a harsh and unloving God, that God might ask something of them that they do not want to give. "What if he sends me as a missionary to the Amazon?" they might reason. All sorts of pictures remain in their hearts of a God who does nothing but demand, and that his demands are always distasteful and fearful. Friends, if any of these thoughts have come into your heart and taken up residence there, recognize that they are LIES. From “the father of lies.” The truth is that God is good. Whatever his plan for your life is, he has fit you for it. If his plan were to send you as a missionary to the Amazon, then he would have placed within you an all-consuming desire to do just that. Speak to a missionary and he will tell you that he couldn't imagine life any other way, his heart is in all that he's doing and he loves what he does. Your heart is not in the Amazon? Don’t worry, you won’t be sent there. Do not ever forget that the same God who created you put a unique personality in you with interests and likes and dislikes and it's all designed to perfectly fit you for whatever he has called you to do. Do NOT compare yourself with someone else, because you do NOT have within yourself what it takes to be that other person, you could never in a million years be like that person or do what he/she is doing, because you're not equipped to walk out his or her call. God's plan for your life is the best possible plan that could ever be. It is personally and uniquely designed for you and for you alone. No other person on the face of the earth could carry out what your call is. If you're running from it, you're running from that which would make you the most happy and the most successful in life. It all comes down to your opinion of God, how you see him, whether or not you trust in his integrity. If you think you cannot entrust your life to him, then proceed on your own for an unsatisfying journey which will bring you to its end in a state of regret. But if you believe that God is the way, the truth, and the life - and that you can entrust your everything to him, then prepare to start a journey you never could have imagined, one that will lead you to satisfaction and joy and all that is good. Jesus said concerning Satan: "The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy I have come that they may have life, AND THAT THEY MAY HAVE IT MORE ABUNDANTLY." John 10:10 Pray with me: Father, I've believed lies. Satan has totally misrepresented you to me. He accuses you to me and I've fallen for it. I realize that just as you have a plan for my life, Satan also has a plan for my life and he plans to lead me through it with lies. I can't see him, so I've thought that those things coming into my mind were coming from me, I didn't know that he plants lies into our minds. Thank you for showing this to me. I am ready to surrender all to you. Please forgive my sins and receive me into your Kingdom and from this day forward be the Lord of my life, for I place all in your hands. I ask for grace to cooperate with you in all you want to do in me, knowing that sometimes it will be painful but that you will use those things to mature me. Keep me at your side always, protect me by showing me when a lie comes to mind. I surrender all total faith in who you are and how much you love me.


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