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Why Emaus Road?

Some disciples of Jesus Christ were walking one day along the road from Jerusalem to Emaus. Three days earlier, Jesus had been crucified, and they were expressing their deep sorrow and disappointment, because they had thought he was the Messiah. But they watched him die, and their hopes were dashed. 

As they walked along, a stranger joined them. He asked why they were so distressed. They explained that the one they hoped was the Messiah, had been crucified.

Along the way to Emaus, the stranger began showing these disciples that the Scriptures clearly pointed to the fact that the Messiah was sent to die for his followers. He showed them Isaiah 53, and took them throughout the Scriptures showing them the many places that spoke of the Messiah's mission.

After awhile they came to a fork in the road and he made as though he were going the opposite way. They said to him that being so late in the day, come along with us, and spend the night. So he joined them.

At the supper table, he took bread and blessed it and broke it ...and ...then disappeared. Shocked, they took a minute to digest what just happened, and they realized that this stranger was actually Jesus Christ, who came alongside them to teach them all about himself and his mission. 

That's what this site is about. I've walked Along Emaus Road with Jesus for several years now, and I want to take all he's shown me and bring it to others, to bless them and to inform them what his mission was all about hoping that many too ...will choose to walk along Emaus Road with the Master and hear from him all he has to say to each follower.

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The following is the most wonderful presentation I've ever seen. Once you've seen this, it will change your idea of Jesus Christ forever. 

Many people become discouraged as they try to win souls to Christ, because the effort often fails.


Here is the story of a man who didn't let that stop him. This is a presentation that can have a great impact on anyone discouraged - encouraging them to never give up.

I love testimonies. They show the story of a person's born-again experience, and each one is a miracle. They lift the heart in praise to God.

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This world can be a very painful place for many. Who hasn't lost loved ones, who hasn't endured trauma? Sometimes it can become overwhelming.


How does a believer cope when going through suffering, especially when it doesn't make sense, and that can be a tough one. Many times God seems unhearing, uncaring, unreachable.


Here are messages that helped me so much when I was going through one of those times. I hope they will be a blessing to you.

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