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Pastor JD Farag

Bible Prohecy Updates

Pastor JD is one of the most reliable sources of information on what's happening in the world as it concerns believers. He thoroughly researches and vets all the information he puts out and makes those resources available on his website. Below are his most recent broadcasts.

July 14

Pastor JD answers the question of whether Jesus, comparing His return to “a thief in the night,” is referring to believers or non-believers concerning the pre-tribulation rapture, or His 2nd coming.

July 7

Pastor JD explains why the profound prophetic parallels between the Thyatira church and the last days church can be an encouragement to believers to just hold on until Jesus comes.

June 30

Pastor JD explains how the ancient pagan gods of medicine and even money are alive and well today and are already in play fulfilling Bible prophecy in our day.

June 23

Pastor JD explains how and why it is that we as the bride of Christ are now on the final lap and about to finish the race ending with the pre-tribulation rapture.

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