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Why Would God Harden A Person's Heart? Isn't That Unfair?

"You (Moses) shall speak all that I command you. And Aaron your brother shall tell Pharaoh to send the children of Israel out of his land. And I will harden Pharaoh’s heart, and multiply my signs and my wonders in the land of Egypt." Exodus 7:2-3 One might wonder why God would harden Pharaoh's heart. Isn't the Lord unwilling that any should perish? If GOD hardens one's heart, what chance does one have of being saved? Do you trust the integrity of God? When doubts come into your heart, if it seems that God is being unfair, always rest assured that God knows exactly what he is doing, and that he is NEVER unfair. Keep that in mind always, do not lean to your own understandings. When you have doubts, just put them on the shelf for now. At some point you will come to understand, but in the meantime remember that the God who has created galaxies - yet cares for a sparrow that falls - has a perspective that you don't have. And his Word says that he is NEVER unrighteous, he is NEVER unfair. Egypt was ripe for judgment. Not only was Egypt filled with wickedness, but they bowed before the many false gods of their land, and turned to magicians and sorcerers for guidance. Furthermore, they held God's people captive and were using them as slaves, placing terrible burdens on them. God did not harden a good man's heart, he hardened an evil heart that was already turned away from him, a heart that actually stood in defiance against him. When Egypt's time had come, when it was time to bring judgment upon that nation, Pharaoh's heart was already hardened, and his defiance brought upon the nation the judgments due it. But before the final judgment, God brought smaller ones, each one causing devastation to the land, to give Egypt several opportunities to see them and consider what the Jew's God was doing ...and repent. But they did not. In the final judgment upon Egypt, the firstborn son in every Egyptian home died. Pharoah relented and Moses led the Jews out of Egypt. But the enraged armies of Egypt pursued the Jews as far as the Red Sea. The Jews crossed the sea on dry ground and the Egyptian armies followed after them. When the last of the Jews was safe, the waters rolled back and the entire Egyptian army died in the Red Sea. In our generation, wheels from their chariots have been found and photographed at the bottom of the Red Sea. Today is still the day of repentance. God is still calling people to repent - but like in Egypt, God's call is being met with defiance by many. The United States has had several warning judgments - everyone knows what happened on September 11, 2001. Then in 2005 an entire area on America's southern border was deluged with the waters of hurricane Katrina causing devastating loss of life, destruction of land, and great financial loss. There have been great fires, great tornadoes, great floods, more hurricanes, great financial loss. America's borders have been open for terrorists to easily come across, and countries who have nuclear weapons are loudly saying that their intent is to destroy America. Yet immorality continues in defiance of the laws of almighty God. Does a country that murders babies in the womb really expect to escape judgment? Does a country that lights up its capitol with multi-colored lights in honor of legalizing perversion really think judgment won't come? Many, like Pharaoh, have had their hearts irrevocably hardened. I saw one person carrying a sign in one of their parades saying they're looking forward to hell. Oh what a shock they have coming. If you're still defying God, stop it and come to repentance while you can. Don't presume on his mercy. It takes great humility to surrender, and most won't. But for as many - or as few - who will, the door is still open. Come now and surrender your life to Jesus Christ that you might be saved and preserved in the judgments that are soon to fall upon this once-beloved nation.

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