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The Plot Against You And The Progression Of Sin

"And supper being ended, the devil having already put it into the heart of Judas Iscariot, Simon’s son, to betray him..." John 13:2 Judas was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. Satan targeted Judas, and spoke to his heart that he should betray Jesus. It makes you wonder how Judas, having seen the miracles Christ did over more than a three-year period, could possibly be tempted to betray him. So how did it happen? We know from the Scriptures that Judas had charge over the money bag, and we know that he stole from it. One passage revealed more closely how his mind worked when Mary of Bethany broke a vial of expensive perfume and anointed Jesus's feet with it. Judas said: “'Why was this fragrant oil not sold for three hundred denarii and given to the poor?' This he said, not that he cared for the poor, but because he was a thief, and had the money bag, and he used to take what was put in it." John 12:5-6 He couldn't see the significance of what was done, all he thought about was the money. So Judas had already let sin into his heart, starting with petty theft as he occasionally took from the money bag, and the progression was obvious: first he was tempted to pilfer from the money bag then later, his conscience being weakened, he was a sitting duck for Satan to drop into his heart a plot that would involve him betraying Jesus. "When Jesus had said these things, he was troubled in spirit, and testified and said, 'Most assuredly, I say to you, one of you will betray me.' Then the disciples looked at one another, perplexed about whom he spoke." John 13:21-22 The disciples, shocked, asked who it was. vs 26-27: "Jesus answered, 'It is he to whom I shall give a piece of bread when I have dipped it.' And having dipped the bread, he gave it to Judas Iscariot, the son of Simon. Now after the piece of bread, Satan entered him.” So we see that the progression of sin is gradual. First he accepted the temptation to steal; then having been weakened by sin he accepted the temptation to betray Jesus; and finally, he took communion and Satan entered him, sealing his fate. "But each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed. Then, when desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, brings forth death." James 1:14-15 You may have heard that God has a plan for your life. Well Satan has a plan for your life too. He'll begin with tempting you in small ways. Then when you fall, he'll further weaken you as he gradually desensitizes you and tempts you with something greater. As he leads you along, you don't realize what's happening to you, just like the frog in the pot. But know this for sure: Satan's plan is to finally destroy you and he's intent on accomplishing it. Don't think you're wiser than Satan and can resist him as you play with "small" sin. He knows your weaknesses and oh so cleverly targets you as he continues his plan to destroy you. So how can you prevent it? By not toying with "small" sin in the first place. "KEEP YOUR HEART WITH ALL DILIGENCE, For out of it spring the issues of life." Proverbs 4:27


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