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The Ease Of The Wicked Was A Stumbling Block To Me

"But as for me, my feet had almost stumbled, my steps had nearly slipped, for I was envious of the boastful, when I saw the prosperity of the wicked." Psalm 73:2-3 One hears this often among believers as they observe that so often the rich have a life of ease while the faithful don't. vs 5-6: "They are not in trouble as other men, nor are they plagued like other men; therefore pride serves as their necklace;" With their wealth or position they can provide easily for themselves, and make sure that all problems are taken care of. They live a life of ease. They have the best homes, the best cars, the best of everything. They have more in a moment than many have in a lifetime. vs 7: "Their eyes bulge with abundance; they have more than heart could wish." When the psalmist considered all this, he was envious because his life wasn't like the life of the wealthy, and he wondered why. WHY do men without God have such success in their lives? WHY are they not troubled like other men? The psalmist says that as he observed this, his feet nearly stumbled, and his steps before the Lord almost slipped. It was nearly too much for him. When he looked at the contrast between their lives and his own life, the thought came to mind that he was faithful to God in vain; why bother? vs 13-14: "Surely I have cleansed my heart in vain, and washed my hands in innocence; for all day long I have been plagued, and chastened every morning." It was more than he could understand and more than he could bear. vs 16: "When I thought how to understand this, it was too painful for me ..." UNTIL… vs 17: "...until I went into the sanctuary of God…" "...then I understood ...THEIR END." God showed him that the way of the faithful would be hard. We walk in a fallen world, and are greatly opposed and tempted by Satan who the Scriptures say is "the god of this world." "...whose minds the god of this world has blinded, who do not believe..." 2 Corinthians 4:4 They whose minds have been blinded to the truth will oftentimes find success in this world. Why should Satan oppose those he already has? He lets them fill their lives with all they lust for, and acquire their wealth while they walk in the evils of the world… But... the difference is in their END. "Oh, how they are brought to desolation, as in a moment; they are utterly consumed with terrors." Psalm 73:19 And now the psalmist understood. He realized that he was NOT foolish to walk in faithfulness to God even though he is opposed daily by Satan. And then he gratefully returned his attention to his God, knowing that the END of the faithful will be far, far different as he is received by his God and given heaven forever. FOREVER. Do not envy the wealthy in the world. It's the only happiness they will ever have. Let them have it. At the end they will be brought to desolation, “as in a moment.” For the believer, the pain they experience in this sojourn is the only pain they will ever have. In the end, they will brought to the peace and joy of heaven. Forever. And when the psalmist understood that, his heart was lifted up to his God in joyful praise, as he put his trust solely in his God. As the famous evangelist said:


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