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The Conflict – My Lie vs The Truth

"But from the beginning of the creation, God made them male and female. For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh; so then they are no longer two, but one flesh." Mark 10:6-8 "What God has joined together..." When a man marries a man, or a woman marries a woman, do you think God has joined them together? No. God does not validate sin. If a man decides he should be a woman, or if a woman decides she should be a man, does that make that man a woman, or that woman a man? Based on the Word of almighty God, the answer is no. "From the beginning of the CREATION..." - this proclaims that God is the Creator - "God made them male and female." He did not put a man into a woman's body, nor a woman into a man's body. He CREATED them male or female. Whatever perversity deceives a person, it will not change his or her DNA. He can have his body altered and totally change his appearance. He can take the hormones of a woman to force the body into female likeness. But he cannot change his DNA. The DNA in every cell of a person's body determines that a "he" is a "he" and a "she" is a "she." Regardless what the person does in an effort to change his gender, he or she cannot change the DNA that made him or her the gender he or she was born with. So when a person decides to change gender, he or she is living a lie. And the lie will never heal the soul. The lie will never satisfy. The only thing that can satisfy is to humble oneself before the Creator and surrender to what the Creator has specified for that person. It means taking the crown off one's head and placing it back where it belongs ...on the head of the Creator. Friends, truth is not determined by how one feels. When a person lives a lie, the inner person will always and forever know that he or she is living a lie, and there cannot be peace in that. One cannot defy his Creator and expect to find peace or happiness. It just won't work. Oh but, you might argue, he or she seems so happy to have finally "become" the opposite gender from what he or she was born as. And as it is with any change in one's life, there might be an initial joy, an initial feeling of finally becoming what he or she thought he should have been. But that kind of joy will not last. It cannot, because joy is a fruit of the Spirit of God and it cannot dwell in a lie. The house of cards will eventually come crashing down. No lie can bring happiness. After awhile, any lie will bring the person to the inevitable let-down, the inevitable crash. We all have a lie, because we are all born in a fallen nature. Your lie may not be my lie, and you actually may not be bothered with the particular lie I am afflicted with. You aren't afflicted with my lie - but what is your lie? Are you a thief? A liar? Enslaved by lust? Violent? Proud? A rebel? Self-willed? What is YOUR lie? Jesus said, "I am the way, the TRUTH, and the life" (John 14:6). One cannot live in a lie and belong to Jesus Christ, because Jesus Christ IS TRUTH. Truth hurts. Every born-again person has been confronted with truth, because when one surrenders his life to his Creator, the fallenness in that person will come into conflict with the truth. He can hang on to his fallenness but he will never find peace if he resists the truth. Resisting the truth is resisting THE TRUTH, Jesus the Christ. So what should one do when he finds himself in opposition to the truth of God? The answer is: surrender. Surrender doesn't make the fallenness go away. Surrender acknowledges the truth about oneself and invites Christ to become Lord over that part of their lives. The Lord does the transformation, the person allows him to by simply ceasing to demand that he is this way or that way "because." We all have our becauses. We all hate to admit what is within us. But true surrender will lead to the joy that defiance was unable to bring. Pray with me: Father God, you know about (whatever your fallenness is). You know that I am totally unable to change it. I've tried, but I have not ever been able to. I have tried to justify it, or to blame it on this cause or that cause, but in doing so I have been refusing to acknowledge the truth of the depravity of the human heart (Jeremiah 17:9). I'm tired of the struggle, Lord, so I come to you and totally surrender that part of my being to you. Please become Lord over that part of me. I will not continue in trying to justify it, or deny it, or blame it on someone or something else. I put down my pride and am ready to admit the stark reality of my fallen human nature. Help me in this Lord, it might be the most difficult thing I've ever done. I'm ready for you to take over and I surrender all to you ... I surrender ALL, Lord. I give you the keys to every hidden room in my heart, even to the darkest ones. Become my Lord, and lead me into the peace and joy that can only be found in surrender to the truth, for you ARE the Truth. If you prayed this and meant it, he will receive you. No matter what. And HE will take over.


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